Banks have a unique opportunity to speed up progress in society through their roles as employers and as finance providers to their communities. The role of banks is unique because a bank touches the lives of people in many different ways – as employees, shareholders, investors, clients, and providers of services – and each relationship is a chance to push equality forward a little more. When we act, we have an amplifying impact on society like no other. More diverse banks serve more diverse clients – who in turn employ new people, open new businesses, and find new solutions to complex problems. Exactly what we need as we try to recover from the current COVID crisis, and face urgent societal, economic, and global challenges.

EU Diversity Month

EBF – EY Partnership

Women in Finance

25 tips for diversity & inclusion in the financial sector by Febelfin

What is the latest in diversity and inclusion in the banking sector?

Discover what EBF is doing to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), and stay tuned for what’s next in this field!

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